Loretta's Story

I grew up on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, and respecting our elders and holding them in a place of honor was the natural way of life. My life’s journey has been working to make a difference in senior care.

 No matter where you are on the caregiving journey, I support a commonsense approach and doing things in the best way that fits your situation.

Nancy's Story

I have always had close friends who were many years older. Being older was never a big deal. But when I took care of my mother during her last decade, it was a whole new world. I turned to my dear friend Loretta for advice and support as I used her commonsense approach for caregiving.

We wanted to have a forum where people could share and gain insight from others. This is for everyone (as we all age) but especially for family and friends who help with caregiving and learning how to age well.


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